Completed Projects

Here are some of the fun and beautiful things our members have finished recently.




This is my 4th bird wall hanging.  It is inspired by the birds I saw in Michigan when I went to my sister's memorial.  It is a way of pulling joy out of a sad experience.  

My technique is tapestry in a wedge weave format.  The  tapestry aspects let me evoke the bird's coloring and the wedge weave provides movement, giving the bird flight.

I struggle with the borders between realistic and abstract.  I want to weave an idea, not a picture.  I am trying to weave a portrait of each bird, not a strictly literal depiction. 

The bird bands you can see are blue jay, oriel and black capped chickadee.


These rugs are a saddle blanket technique using swedish single ply yarns and brown sheep lamb’s pride singles. They are dark brown, charcoal and shades of grey primarily.  Very neutral palette for specific tastes!



These are each 5" x 5" wedge weave tapestries. They are the first four samples from my online class with Rebecca Mezoff and Sarah Swett's "Fringeless Weaving" also called 4-selvedge. There are no warp ends to deal with when you are done. They were woven on my little Mirrex tapestry loom.


I had woven a large piece using Martha Stanley's method on a floor loom and wanted to master the same thing on a frame loom for sampling. I like to use the Mirrex for sampling design ideas, but I also like to have a useful piece when I'm done (like coasters for gifts). Running in ends or folding them over and sewing them or making fringe with the warp ends on such small pieces is a pain. This method does away with that problem. However, it's a bit tricky to set up and one has to carefully plan the design because the warp length is set. I still don't have it really mastered. More practice needed!


These are the Krokbragd rugs I’ve been weaving. All of the colors are from plant-based dyes on 4-6-ply rug wool which I’ve over spun and steamed to set the twist. I used heavy rug yarn to make the rugs thicker and feel good to bare feet in the bathroom. using traditional Norwegian 3-harness patterns on a 32” Gallinger counter-balance loom.

The natural dyes used are black walnut hulls and Pisolithus tinctorius for Browns, Brazilwood and madder for reds, nettles for greens, rabbitbrush for gold and indigo for shades of blue.


Krokbragd rug, 20”x26” Wool warp and weft,  Natural dyes used: Indigo, Pisolithus tinctorius (fungus), madder, Eucalyptus ssp.  Card woven selvedges.


Krokbragd rug, 21”x36”  Wool warp and weft, Natural dyes used: Indigo, Pisolithus tinctorius (fungus), madder, Eucalyptus ssp., loquat.  Card woven selvedges.