RACHELLE WEISS Initial -- and very narrow (but that's another story) -- warp on an AVL 24" 32 shaft dobby loom. Warp is 10/2 perle cotton sett at 25epi threaded as straight draw, advancing twill with pattern reverse. Goal is to make certain that shafts rise in correct order and that loom functions correctly. Very much still in learning mode. [5/16/19]



Place mats. Macomber 8 harness loom Warp Yarn: 10/2 pearl cotton in 4 colors Weft: Strips of Kona cotton in 4 colors Tabby weave using 4 harnesses

Project size: 18" x 13" placemats

After a hiatius of several years, my loom was beckoning me to please "dress" it with a project.  With the help of Joan Vierra, this project was launched as she aided in straightening the warp tangle, and reviewing the project parameters. The colors were chosen and project personally designed by my husband Tom Moschetti. His intent has been to learn weaving, and has been at my side actually throwing the shuttle a time or two. Five of the 8 placemats are completed at this time. [10/29/2018]

RACHELLE WEISS And currently on my Louet Jane table loom with TempoTreadle calling the picks. It's working -- miracle of miracles! I designed this on WeavePoint using the software manual for guidance about network drafting. It's probably simplistic, but I think it is working.


Warp and weft are 10/2 perle cotton. I considered using 20/2 cotton for the weft as I think it would have worked a bit better with the networked sections, but I was concerned that I might lose the patterning on the red bands by using a finer weft. I played a bit with the sleying/sett. The red bands are pretty much 15epi while the networked areas are sett at 30epi. To get the networked design, you need more of a warp-faced textile. I can always change the sett once the first scarf/whatever is woven. Joan would call it my "sample", but I love her anyway! 6/4/19