Place mats. Macomber 8 harness loom Warp Yarn: 10/2 pearl cotton in 4 colors Weft: Strips of Kona cotton in 4 colors Tabby weave using 4 harnesses

Project size: 18" x 13" placemats

After a hiatius of several years, my loom was beckoning me to please "dress" it with a project.  With the help of Joan Vierra, this project was launched as she aided in straightening the warp tangle, and reviewing the project parameters. The colors were chosen and project personally designed by my husband Tom Moschetti. His intent has been to learn weaving, and has been at my side actually throwing the shuttle a time or two. Five of the 8 placemats are completed at this time. [10/29/2018]



This is a floor RUG woven in a Saddle Blanket Technique.  It is a pointed twill, using 3 colors of Swedish Mattgarn Singles Wool Yarn.  Finished size will be 27 inches x 44 inches.  I made up the pattern and it is consistent thoughout the length of the rug.



This is part of a "bird" tapestry, focusing on birds from Michigan that I saw while attending my sister's funeral last year.  It is woven on a floor loom, about two feet wide.  The bird bands you can see are blue jay, oriel and black capped chickadee.  The weave structure is based on wedge weave, done in tapestry..